[ ]  Problems

What are the problems?

Security issues

Metadata platforms can pose user privacy risks: Data collection/tracking, personal information leakage, cyberstalking, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access.

Scaling issues

Scaling issues in the Metaverse include issues such as infrastructure capacity, performance, data density, and distributed computing.

Speed issues

Speed issues in Metaverse: Connection speed, platform performance, latency/interaction, and data synchronization

Data issues

Data issues in the Metaverse: Security, integration, access/sharing, big data management, and privacy/ethical issues.

KYC issues

KYC issues in the Metaverse: Authentication, privacy concerns, global compliance, autonomous transactions and fraud risks.

Storage issues

Data storage issues in Metaverse: Scalability, rapid access, security, long-term retention/backup, and regulatory compliance.

[ ]  Solutions

How do we solve it?

MB Protocol Layer 2 solution protocol supports interoperability with zkEVM.

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