Cosmiclands Metaverse

Cosmiclands is a 3D Metaverse project based on the universe model. This project offers a new infrastructure for the establishment of virtual planets and livable cities by 3D modeling in the light of real data.

Marslife city

The Cosmiclands project aims to provide users with a virtual life experience by creating the first metaverse city on the planet Mars, modeled using real data.

NFT Cosmic Game

NFT Cosmic Game is one of the game centers of “Marslife City”. You will be able to access our game center and use our games by living in our city.


We hold conferences using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence.


The Metaverse market is an e-commerce platform operating in a virtual world environment.

Avatar Tools

You pre-made your body style using face compression tools to create your avatar.


Land sales specially offered services allow companies to promote their brands by allowing them to establish their virtual cities.


Our renewed infrastructure is built on upgradeable technology by integrating new results from real scientific research.


Private land sales can only be made to companies. After companies purchase land, they can build their cities on this land.

Build SDKs

The Build SDK is meant to take UE5's design data, divide it into pieces called terrain pieces, and integrate them into those pieces.


Efficient management and integration of design data are critical to successfully creating projects.

Tars AI

It is a virtual artificial intelligence model built on the Cosmiclands project that communicates with you and helps you with various issues.

API used

We are still in the process of deciding which AI API model to use.